Four tube powered guitar amps per room

Massively powerful P.A. systems (3000W+)

Four tube guitar amps per rehearsal studio

Sound proof walls

Great sound in acoustically treated rehearsal studios

Two feet thick walls and heavy double doors

State of the art drum kits

Drummers get their own 500, 750, or 1000W monitors.

Our drum kits are tuned daily

comfortable air conditioned rooms

Comfortable and air conditioned rehearsal spaces

Guaranteed best sound and prices in Toronto

Complete studio room set up

Convenient location - 2 min from DVP & Gardiner Expressway

Ample free parking

Best Rehearsal Studio in Toronto

The No1 Rehearsal Studios in Toronto

Rehearsal Studios General Information

The Best Deal In Town Rehearsal Studios is state of the art rehearsal facility with 3 fully equipped music rehearsal spaces. Each rehearsal space has a lounge area with comfortable sofas and table and fridge with ice cold beverages. The walls are covered with acoustic foam, which greatly reduces reflections that cause annoying standing ways, resulting in clean and warm sound, eliminating ear fatigue. The acoustic foam, when properly positioned also reduces certain frequencies that make guitars and cymbals sound harsh and grainy, further improving the overall sound quality in our rehearsal studios.

The studios are also soundproofed, which is specially important for acoustic bands and recordings, so you don't have to listen the band next door during quiet parts or brakes.

The key is attention to detail. In our rehearsal studios a musician has everything he or she needs right there, handy. Beside each amp there are 2 guitar stands, music stand and stool where one can sit , or put an ashtray or beverage on, if one wishes so.

For summer months there are powerful air conditioners available. In front of the building there is our own free parking area.

Rehearsal Space Equipment

The most important thing in our rehearsal spaces, of course, is the equipment. We use only top notch stuff.

Guitar players can choose between Marshalls ( JCM 800, JCM 900 and JCM 2000 ), Mesa Boogies ( Dual Rectifier, Single Rectifier-Rectoverb and Nomad ) and Fenders ( couple of Twins and DeVille Hot Rod ) All the amps are regularly maintained, retubed and biased. Each Marshall and Mesa Boogie are plugged in their own Marshall 4x12 cabinet.

For bass cabs we use strictly Ampeg SVT 8x10 cabs, which sound so awesome, there are in league of their own. For the heads we use Ampeg SVT Classic (300W), Fender Bassman (new edition, 350W) and Peavey Mark 4 (300W).

Own drum kits are: Sonor Force 3007, Yamaha Stage Custom Maple and Sonor Select Force and are tuned daily.

Each rehearsal studio has over 3000 wats of P.A. power, with so much of headroom that no matter how loud the band plays, vocals always comes on top, loud and clear, with plenty of headroom left for keyboards, electronic drums, etc. Near each drum kit there is 500, 750 or 1000W floor monitor, just for drummer.

We never yet had the customer that required the P.A. to be pushed anywhere near to full power. This amount of power might sound excessive, but it allows the preamps to work with optimum signal gain of zero dB (unity level), which means clean, distortion free signal, practically unlimited headroom and no feedback.

Review more of our equipment here.

Rehearsal Studios with Great Atmosphere and Vibe

As important as good equipment is, atmosphere and vibe is crucial for inspiration and creativity of the artist. As you can see from the photos, environment in our rehearsal spaces is specifically tailored to enhance artists creativity and productivity. Since 1998, the year we started, hundreds of satisfied customers continue to come back regularly.

Our service is second to none and our courteous stuff is available to attend all your needs at all times.

Our hourly rates range from $15 to $22 per hour (please call for details).

We are located next to Sound Academy, at 23 Polson Street, downtown Toronto.

For more info, or to book a session, please call 416 834 9030.

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