Best Equipped Rehearsal Space in Toronto

Each band can use up to 4 guitar amps and up to 8 microphones at no extra charge. Other rehearsal spaces in Toronto provide only two guitar amps and 2 to 3 microphones per room.

Our Equipment is Maintained and Tuned Up Regularly for Superb Performance!

We regularly maintain and keep in perfect working order all of the equipment in our rehearsal studios. Drums are tuned daily, skins charged regularly. All of our guitar amps are tube powered and to keep them in great shape, we check and if needed readjust biasing regularly, and we use only perfectly matched tubes from reputable suppliers. For characteristic of our guitar amps, click on amp's thumbnails below.



  • Sonor Force 3007
  • Yamaha Stage Custom Maple
  • Sonor Select Force


  • Sabian


  • Audio Tehnica ATM41HE x7
  • Audio Tehnica AE4100 Artist Elite
  • Sennheiser E838 x3
  • Sennheiser E840
  • Shure 57 Beta x2
  • Shure 58 Beta
  • Shure 58 x4
  • AKG D72 x2

Bass Amps

  • 3 Ampeg 8 x 10 cabs
  • Fender Bassman 400
  • Peavey Mark IV
  • Traynor Dynabass 800h
  • Ampeg SVT classic

P.A. components:

  • Mackie VLZ SR 24x4x6 Mixing Board
  • Mackie CFX 16x4x2 Mixing Board
  • Allen & Heath PA20 Mixing Board
  • Yorkville Unity 800 W Monitor x2
  • JBL JRX 100 1000 W Monitor x4
  • JBL Sound Factor x2
  • JBL EON G2 450 W Powered Monitor
  • Yorkville NX750 750 W Powered Monitor
  • "Mackie Thump 15" 1000 W Powered Monitor
  • Sampson dB500 500 W Powered Monitor
  • Yamaha P7000 2x 1100W Power Amp x3
  • Peavey CS400
  • Alesis 3630 compressors x3
  • Lexicon Reflex Dynamic Midi Reverbrator
  • ART graphic EQ

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