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Rehearsal Studios Acoustically Treated to Perfection

As important as equipment is, the acoustics of the room itself is a crucial factor in the quality of your band’s sound. Most if not all of Toronto’s music rehearsal spaces don’t pay enough attention to acoustics of their studios. Left acoustically untreated, the walls reflect the sound in all directions, resulting in formation of annoying “standing waves”, which form as a result of interference between two or more waves traveling in opposite
directions. In acoustically untreated rooms sound is harsh, low end is muddy and it is hard to hear what others are playing, especially with louder bands with two or more guitars. No wonder many musicians today wear ear plugs, to protect their eardrums from NOISE. Music becomes noise in acoustically untreated rooms. In acoustically treated rooms, there is no need for ear plugs, because properly placed acoustic foam absorbs the sound, thus eliminating annoying standing waves.

Since our rehearsal studios are properly acoustically treated, one can hear everything with perfect clarity; guitars sound warm and sweet, vocals clear and tight, bass focused, and with perfectly tuned drums, rehearsing in our studios is always an pleasant experience. Our studios are also sound proofed, with heavy double doors, and two feet thick walls. Here you don’t need to worry if an loud metal band is playing the next door.

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